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Why exchange Marcus Stroman?

I have a hard time following the Toronto Blue Jays and Marcus Stroman is no exception.

Why did you trade a 28-year-old pitcher, who will be a free agent by 2021 and who has the Jays' logo tattooed on his heart? I imagine because the demand is strong and we can build on what the Jays will have in return, will not they?

Sorry, but that's not the case at all!

It is traded to the New York Mets who have one of the worst networks of subsidiaries, ranked 24th early in the season. Yes, the young Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson are among the future players of the Mets organization, but they are not in the top-100 of the major league baseball players. In other words, good young players, but we are still far from seeing them in the Jays uniform so they have a quick impact.

I come back to my original question. Why exchanged it?

Why not keep a pitcher who young people can identify with and who fans can hope for? We all agree that young Bo Bichette is remembered and we can see that the Jays are full of young players with a future, but how long will it take before we can wish a team that plays for, 500 in the East Division of the American League? Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that young people will all progress at the same pace and that all will develop as anticipated. So, why not keep players like Stroman to ensure stability and especially to guide the young pitchers of the organization?

Looking at the record of director Ross Atkins, we can not say that the Jays had the best in the many staff movements. Even the retirement of Troy Tulowitzki makes the Jays look bad. The latter will still have to pay the entire guaranteed amount of his salary since they fired him, Tulo still managed to sign with the New York Yankees thereafter before announcing his retirement. Not to mention that we sold Gio Urshela to the Yankees without getting anyone back.

I have no problem to make room for young people, quite the opposite. But young people need to be guided, to be reassured and to understand better what is going on around them. Vladimir Guerrero Jr knows a very good season in my opinion. But if he still had an Edwin Encarnacion around him daily as an example, I'm sure Vlad would be even better.

I do not know if this very dangerous game that the direction of the Jays is currently playing will pay him big later. But I think the risk is huge, as is the decision to rebuild a team in 2019. I wish them success, but I do not believe it at this time.

I come back one last time to my original question. Why have you traded Stroman now, to a team that does not have so much to offer, thus depriving itself of an excellent pitcher for the young, also depriving itself of an exciting pitcher for the fans and which, moreover, n is not an autonomous player before the end of the 2020 season?

No, really, I do not understand that one.

Good luck to Stroman with the Mets! It will not be easy for him, because throwing for the Mets always seems a little complicated!

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