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Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather: Enough is enough!

Do you know what's going on right now in the boxing world? A rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Why not squeeze the lemon?

It's a good time. Boxing fans buy almost anything, as long as the product is well packaged. And it is certain that a revenge between the two richest boxers on the planet would interest the fans of this sport.

Moreover, it is virtually assured that the two pugilists would give a good show whose cost would range between $ 75 and $ 100. But what would be next?

Imagine for a moment ... Pacquiao will be 41 in December. Mayweather is 42 years old. What would give to the winner or the loser?

Let's start with the winner. Say it's Mayweather. He then wants to make a revenge against Conor McGregor. The last time the two clashed, Mayweather emerged victorious with a $ 272 million check in his bank account.

What would he do next? He wants to compete with Khabib Numagomedov of the UFC, still boxing Claressa Shields. After all, a circus is a circus ...

And if it was Pacquiao who came out victorious, what would he do?

He would challenge Oscar De La Hoya (46) or Sugar Ray Leonard (63).

We do not know what to do

Looks like we do not know what to do with these great boxers of yesteryear. Although many believe that Mayweather recorded his 50th triumph by defeating Conor McGregor, many deny this fact, claiming it was much more of an exhibition match and not of a real boxing match between two boxers .

Do you think a match between Mayweather and Pacquiao would be a real boxing match? Mayweather has not boxed since August 2017, during the circus against McGregor. It is therefore Pacquiao who would have a certain advantage since he is always active. He even delivered two games in 2019 for the first time since 2016. He gave a good show, but he obviously slowed down.

Why not try to organize the revenge between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury? Why would Andy Ruiz not confront Luis Ortiz while waiting for Anthony Joshua to fight on American soil?

You will find that I have forgotten the name of Dillian Whyte. Personally. even if he used only a tiny amount of Dianabol, the result would be the same. Just as a pregnant woman is not a little pregnant. A test always leaves traces.

Instead of wanting to forgive him because it might be a tiny amount of steroids Whyte would have used, the promoter Eddie Hearns and his clan should find another alternative.

Ruiz says no

I just hope triple champion Ruiz will follow up on his refusal to go to Britain for the rematch against Joshua. He insists that this meeting be played on American soil and I hope he will stay on his positions.

According to promoter Eddie Hearns and Joshua, the second meeting between the two men is scheduled to take place in Cardiff on December 14. I can not wait to see who will win.

Why do you want to measure Canelo Alvarez to Sergey Kovalev? If Canelo ever came out victorious, he would not defend this light heavyweight crown.

Why not go with the revenge against Gennady Golovkin or against the best in its class, Jermall Charlo, Rob Brandt or Demetrius Andrade?

Do not you think a match between Gervonta Davis and Vasyl Lomachenko would be top notch on pay TV?

When will we see the WBC and WBO light welterweight champion Jose Carlos Ramirez get into the ring against Errol Spence, the 147-pound king of the IBF?

Fight of the year

I'm talking about Jose Carlos Ramirez because I saw his game last Saturday night in Arlington, Texas.

Ramirez and Hooker were two boxers of equal strength. Neither had been defeated so far, and both were putting their crowns at stake.

Until the sixth commitment, the match was tight. Personally, I had Ramirez in advance by a single point, result especially of this fall which was not one at the first engagement. Ramirez pummeled on Hooker's foot and the latter found himself on the mat. Referee Mark Nelson believed in a real fall.

Nelson recovered in the sixth commitment by ending a tight match. Ramirez let loose a thunderous left that shook Hooker. The latter took refuge in the cables while Ramirez hammered him with both hands. The referee did not take a long time to notice that Hooker was in trouble and he immediately grabbed the loser in his arms to protect him from his rival's attack.

This fight is certainly in contention for the fight of the year so the action has been intense from start to finish.

After his win, Ramirez said he would like to meet the winner of the match between Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor. These two super-light find themselves in the final of the Super World Series.

Popular return

After an absence of six years, the sensational Gervonta Davis, an emulator of Floyd Mayweather, returned to his hometown and nearly 15,000 people saw him win his 22nd victory including his 21st by KO, against his aspiring Ricardo Nunez.

It was referee Harvey Dock who put an end to the uneven fight in the second stint when Nunez had become powerless in the cables.

Davis has a defensive style that is similar to Mayweather's, but he is a much better slugger. Moreover, we must go back to 2014 to find the only pugilist who was able to stay up during the six rounds of the match. Since that match against a certain German Maraz, Davis has passed the KO. to his last 13 victims.

Davis had not fought in front of his team since 2013, in his fourth career bout against Rafael Casias, who had been eclipsed in the second round.

As a result of this triumph, it is said that Davis faces Tevin Farmer, the holder of the IBF title. Farmer successfully defended his crown on Saturday night against Guillaume Frenois, whom he defeated by decision.

Good boxing!

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